what travel look like in 2021

What Travel Looks Like in 2021?

They say ‘Wander Without Purpose or Reason’ unfortunately this cannot be continued in the future as we have gone through the unique and unforeseen year 2020. Outside the public health sphere of travel &tourism has been damaged the most in over the world, with aircrafts on the ground, hotels closed, and travel restrictions in place. 


As we are approaching 2021 travel will possibly never be the same again, many of us curious are about how travel will look. Our lives have been impacted in many ways by the global pandemic, more than the limitations imposed on domestic and international travel. The travel industry is required to have some exceptionally high sanitary measures in place following COVID-19. 


What travel journey is going to look like in Future   

  •  • Contactless travel will be the new trend, such as online check-in, baggage drop-offs, cashless payments, and biometrics/digital identities.     
  •  • Social distancing and hygiene problems, such as limits on airport access, compulsory wearing of masks, and constant disinfection.   
  •  • Health monitoring, such as thermal scanners, sprays for disinfectants, and COVID-19 on-site testing.   
  •  • As Covid-19 brought immense changes in our lives our travels cannot be free as before, every time there is a new travel update.  People need to consult travel experts to help them prepare their journeys in the best and most stress-free way possible.  
  •  • Safety will be the top priority for people in 2021, and the only destination which is safe will attract the travelers instead of the popular ones as different countries deals with pandemic determine how safe the country is.  
  •  • Business Travels will experience a huge decline as with the advanced technology developments video conferencing, meetings on zoom, hiring online, online tools, work from home will be the new normal. 


Moreover, instead of tropical destinations, new travel patterns include limited business travel and staycations. While some countries currently require short-term health insurance for travelers, it is likely to be a standard necessity in the post-pandemic future. The coronavirus pandemic will alter travel as we know it, although only time will tell which speculations will become true. 


What’s your travel plan for 2021, if you need any assistance, we are happy to help you. 


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