Qatar is speedily turning into one of the globe’s most exciting locations to strike! A young country with a rapidly growing economy, it’s miles domestic to the artwork, culture, way of life, historical museums, delicate restaurants, and staggering sunsets. Since the ongoing pandemic, the recovery of the international destinations will take time, everyone is keen to step out of their houses to spend some quality time together. You can explore these ongoing leisure and recreational activities in Qatar. Like, say, scuba diving, kayaking, and dessert region safari. We aim to provide the best tourism experience with core values of inspiration and discovery.


DESERT SAFARI:dessert safari

A desert is a place where the heart of Qataris lies. To truly appreciate the authentic Arabian desert at its best and to experience the vast desert. Jump into the dune bashing experience outside the area, which will get your adrenaline flowing, only 4×4 Land Cruisers and Hummer can go through those dunes. Across the dunes, there are several different routes. You can enjoy a smooth ride, or let your tour guide know you would prefer to drive a short and bumpy roller coaster ride if you’re in for the excitement of fearless driving.


A rare experience is riding a Banshee (Quad Bike) in the Arab desert. Nothing beats riding along Doha’s golden dunes and seeing the scenery while enjoying the adventure simultaneously. The great thing is that no driving experience is required to ride the Quad bike.


Amid the mountains, enjoy camel riding. Cherish the wonders of the desert on an unforgettable journey as you ride a camel through the soft dunes. Camel riding is an activity extremely popular among tourists visiting the desert. A once in a lifetime experience will be given to you by Desert safaris where the desert meets the sea. Walk along the pearly white beaches and, dip into the transparent waters of the Mesaieed.




You’ll be amazed that Qatar isn’t just for dessert safaris and souqs. Kayaking in Doha, Qatar’s capital city, is full of excitement and an exciting eco-system experience for those who enjoy nature, water, and water sports. Explore the amazing nature Landscape of the Al Thakira mangroves, located just north of the seaside town of Al Khor, with one of our groups, a wide expanse of natural greenery, or paddle in the ancient mangrove forest with the local wildlife and enjoy traditional Qatari hospitality in our luxurious beachside camp. Kayaks are a perfect way to explore the mangroves. For those who love nature, kayaking is full of fun and an exciting experience in Doha, the capital city of Qatar.




Scuba Diving is an exciting experience to discover the underwater world, to capture aquatic life thrills with your own eyes, and to see the natural habitat, such as fishes, batfish, barracudas, sea bream, needlefish, nudibranch sand cuttlefish, etc. It’s truly an incredible moment when you swim among the ocean dwellers and let them welcome you. The Gulf’s water is home to beautiful marine life. Qatar is encircled by the Arabian Sea as a peninsular landmass, making swimming and water sports a natural choice for people living in Qatar. Dream about Qatar’s water sports, and Scuba Diving comes to your mind. Qatar offers some amazing sights for scuba diving. Scuba diving has undoubtedly made Qatar an immensely famous sport, enjoyed by all ages, and makes it the ideal scuba diving destination. The Gulf’s humid, turquoise waters make Qatar an ideal location for beginner divers. Some of the most common places for diving are called Old Club Reef, a man-made reef with sunken buses and cars, Rebreather, Sidemount, and Technical diving are popular here and many dive centers offer greatly advanced dives. The numerous colors of wildlife and marine species are spectacular that people find themselves coming back over and over again.


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