Top Magical Castles in The World

Today, where time is fleeting, technology is advancing, our connection with our dreams have loosened up. Hence, we take a look back to the days gone by when we desired to live like a king or queen in a magical castle.


There are plenty of magical Castles in the world that are yet to be explored, which narrate different stories and mysteries of varied cultures across time. So, if you are searching for holiday packages from Qatar that visit such beauty around the world then continue reading on for here are the castles that you should add to your bucket list!


Cardiff Castle: One of Wales’s leading attractions and a site of international significance located within beautiful parklands at the heart of the capital, Cardiff Castles walls and fairy-tale towers conceal 2000 years of history. With an aura of the medieval age, the ancient history of the castle is inspiring and the view from it- breath-taking!

  • n visiting the Cardiff Castle, our holiday packages from Qatar has always been keen on including all experiences that the castle has to offer such as:
  • Climb the Norman Keep for an amazing view across the city with your beloved ones
  • Be awe-struck by the Arab room- that’s beautifully ornated with golden ceiling
  • Delve into welsh stories and culture.
  • Experience a Wartime Shelter- You will be surprised to hear that within the outer castle’s walls – are tunnels that were used as an air-raid shelter during the Second War World.


Edinburgh Castle: The Edinburgh Castle dominates the Scottish Capitals skyline. It stands 443 feet above sea level and overlooks the city of Edinburg from a volcanic crag called Castle rock. With seagulls wheeling in the sky, the extinct volcano offers an impressive view over Edinburgh.

From the magnificence of the Royal Palace to the elegance of the Great Hall, you will experience an enigma that is inherently royal and historically significant to the culture and traditions of the country.


For those who are enamored by the British and the Scottish royals, the Edinburgh Castle is a time capsule that has its rich history engrained in every brick of the castle with every room a tale to tell.


Being among the best travel agency in Qatar, we have always curated our holiday packages from Qatar, to include the Edinburgh Castle in our itinerary, to give our fellow travelers a deeper insight into the history of the Scots.


Park and National Palace of Pena: Draw up the most outrageous Disney-princess-enchanted-wonderland you can imagine and we shall present you with the Park and National Palace of Pena.

The whimsical palace is perhaps the most well-known landmark in Sintra and is extremely photogenic due to its bold red, yellow and purple facade.

The architecture and the fusion of Romantic Gothic, Egyptian, Moorish, and Renaissance architectural features have rendered Sintra a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s just a hop and jumps away from Lisbon (25 km) and it’s a popular day-trip destination for those visiting the Portuguese Riviera.

To truly marvel the real beauty of the palace one must visit and hear the whisper of the walls that enclose its heritage and culture.


Matsumoto Castle: Matsumoto Castle is one of Japan’s finest 12 original castles. Its towering black dungeon, elegant scaffolding, and engraved roof titles blend strength and grace, making Matsumoto Castle one of Japan’s most beautiful original castles. Add in the background of the mountains, a wide moat full of swans, a vermilion bridge, a picturesque scene that you will quickly fall in love with!


The origins of the Castle of Matsumoto date back to the period of the Civil War during the Eisho Era, then known as the Castle of Fukashi, which was renamed Matsumoto after being captured in 1582. In the years that followed, Matsumoto Castle was transformed into the way it appears today.


Matsumoto Castle is easy to visit without a guide because there was a clear route to follow with lots of informative signs and displays along the way. One of the most special parts of the Castle of Matsumoto-a moon-viewing hall. Matsumoto is one of only two castles in Japan with a moon-view bed.


Thanks to its undeniable beauty, the castle is worth a visit and one of the most requested holiday packages from Qatar. It is thus considered to be one of the most magnificent castles in the world.


Dover Castle: Dover Castle is a medieval castle in Dover kent, England. It was founded in 11 century and has been described as the “key to England”. Due to its defensive significance throughout history. It is the largest Castle in England.

Dover’s castle position, commanding the shortest sea crossing between England and the Continent has given it immense strategic importance. The chalk of Castle hill has been shaped and reshaped over the centuries due to massive earthquakes, ditches, and mounds. The castles have revamped tunnels that give you a unique and thrilling experience.


When fellow travelers write to us seeking our impression of the Castle as the best travel agency in Qatar, we have always written back that From its role in the defense of Britain during World War II to the Roman lighthouse and St Mary in Castro church there is plenty to see and do to keep one busy all day at the Dover Castle.


Chillon Castle: Chillon Castle is on an island located on Lake Geneva, south of Veytaux in the Canton of Vaud Geneva. Chillon castle is among the most visited castle in Switzerland and Europe that is worth booking your trip from the best travel agency in Qatar. The castle has attracted many romantic writers and poets from around the world. If you are looking for a romantic time with your special someone then this is what you’re looking for. The Chillon is described by many visitors as “a block of towers on the block of rocks”.


The Castle was held by Counts for over 400 years, due to strategic position on lake Geneva gave them control over important trade routes from Italy through St.Bernhard’s pass on the north. The castle has been around for 1000 years.


The reason the castle attracts romantic writers is because of how its beautifully situated on the island on the lake showcasing a very beautiful view. It has as well being a hot spot for foreign production, movies, and tv programs. If you are a romantic person and looking for inspiration or looking for a beautiful Disney view, then this castle is bound to be the place you’re looking for.


So that was our top picks of the Top Magical Castles in The WorldComment Down below to add to this list and don’t forget to share this article with those who might be planning a romantic getaway soon.

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