How to Find Cheap (And Free) Travel Accommodation?

Cheap travel accommodations are available all over the world— no need to wait for expensive hotels. One of the biggest travel myths out there is that you need save up quite a lot to see the world. It’s just not true.

Travel can be very inexpensive if you know how to book cheap airline flights and use alternative options for cheap overnight lodging.

Travel is only expensive if you choose to do it that way.

Fancy hotel chains have massive PR budgets to spend on marketing, so we assume that these are the only options out there.

But in reality, there are a lot of cheap, and even free places to sleep when you’re traveling.

So, as the best travel agency in Qatar, we wanted to share our experiences and tips to help inspire you to find cheaper travel accommodation on your own journey and save some money!


Budget Backpacker Hostels

Backpacker hostels are a popular option for budget travellers. Rooms & bathrooms are shared by multiple people, helping to keep costs low. The typical hostel room can accommodate 4-10 guests, mostly furnished with bunk beds. Private lockers are available to protect your belongings. A very simple breakfast (toast and cereal) is usually included.

Apart from being cheap, hostels provide a very social atmosphere for fellow travellers to interact with each other. This is supported by a shared kitchen and living area. Many backpacker hostels have a few private rooms for those who want a little more privacy and a vibrant social scene.

Now we could also hook you up with one non your next holiday- Being best travel agency in Qatar, this is the least we can do for you !


Local Guest Houses

A guesthouse or budget hotel offers a simple, inexpensive room without the amenities or service of a larger luxury hotel. Compared to the hostel, you get a decent private space, but much less social interaction. All at a slightly higher price. Kitchens may be included or may not be included. Breakfast may be included or may not be included. But if you are searching for cheap travel accommodations– this is a definite WIN!

Just like hostels, the quality of these places can vary a lot. Hostels are just not available in some locations. But there are going to be a lot of cheap guesthouses around no matter which corner of the world you travel to!


Short-Term Vacation Rentals

If someone has a spare room in their home or an entire apartment they do not use, they may rent it to travellers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

These holiday apartments usually come fully furnished and include a kitchen — all for the price of a budget hotel.

One of the great benefits of staying in an apartment is how it can feel like a home away from home. Interaction with neighbours allows you to understand what it’s like to live in a country, if only for a short time.

Now when we plan our holiday packages from Qatar, we try to include as much of authentic experiences such as local interaction, so that you view your experience in the country with a  more grounded lens than with a tourist’s googles, because we take our tittle of being the best travel agency in Qatar, very seriously and we would like you to experience the culture better. That is why we definitely recommend you all try a short-term rental once in your life time, because it really does make you one with the crowd!


Local Homestay Experience

If you’re interested in learning more about someone’s culture when you’re moving to a new country, homestays will help you do that. This is when a family leases a spare bedroom for extra income and an opportunity to educate you about their lifestyle. A homestay usually includes breakfast and maybe dinner as well.

Homestay arrangements are typical for many language schools, but every traveller can book one these days. You don’t need to know the language to reap the benefits of your homestay either. It might be challenging, but it’s very rewarding too.


Wild Camping & Campgrounds

If you really want to get close to nature while you’re on the road, you can’t beat camping in the wilderness. It’s free most of the time, but if you camp in popular tourist locations, you might have to pay a little.

With a tent or camping hammock, you can go anywhere and always have a place to sleep, allowing you to visit remote areas that other travellers may avoid due to lack of accommodation.


House Sitting & Pet Sitting

Homeowners around the world need someone to look after their home while they’re on vacation or away to work. You could be that person. House sitting helps you to stay quite well in someone else’s house for a few weeks or months, in exchange for keeping an eye on it.

Sometimes there are pets to feed and play with, water plants, and other chores. But having a whole house for yourself, free of charge, is usually worth the minimum effort involved.


Churches / Monasteries / Temples

If you belong to a particular religious group, and even if you do not, many different religious centres offer free or cheap temporary housing. It could be the Catholic Church, the Islamic Mosque, the Jewish Synagogue, the Buddhist Monastery, or the Sikh Temple.

Religious accommodation is going to be very simple, and depending on the location, it could only be an option for people who have no other options at their fingertips. Some religions will not allow unmarried couples to stay together.


Overnight Transportation

A great way to save some money on the cost of living is to travel at night. Sleeping on trains, flights, buses, and boats requires the discipline of mastering. But when you get it right, you’ll be able to wake up refreshed and be ready to explore your new surroundings.


Yes, you can travel cheap!

The point we was trying to make is that cheap travel accommodations is possible. You don’t have to spend thousands of riyals on expensive hotels to see the world.

If you’re open-minded, there are plenty of cheap travel accommodations options to take advantage of while you’re on the road and being your travel companion , count on us as the best travel agency in Qatar, to give you the best options that you can avail when you are travelling.

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