Secrets To Backpacking On A Budget

Secrets to backpacking on a budget

We at love to just pack our bags and dash out of the doors towards a new adventure. We may be the best travel agency in Qatar, but we love our backpacking trips as well! So, here are some of the tips that we learnt on the way that might help you with your new solo escapade.



Anyone who has ever travelled before can tell you that flights are often the single biggest expense of any trip. So, lowering the cost here can have a huge impact on your backpacking budget!


It’s best to book flights around eight weeks in advance in order to get the cheapest tickets. You should also search for flights in multiple search engines like


More quick-fire tips on scoring cheap flights:

  • • Book non-direct.
  • Book a flight with at least one layover.
  • Look at nearby airports.
  • • Fly mid-week.
  • Avoid popular holidays.
  • Remain flexible.
  • Book and Hold flights when sales and promotions are on.



Accommodation often ends up being the second biggest expense of any trip and if you can find a way to save here, you will save a ton overall. And, luckily there are now ways to get accommodation for free.


Yes, free!


The best way to do this is to stay with a local on your travels. You can manage this through a service like Couchsurfing which sets backpackers up with hosts in their chosen destination. This is what’s known as a sharing economy and is the simplest (and best) way to score free accommodation every time you travel. It’s also an awesome way to meet new people and to start building your travel network.



The first way to manage this is to walk whenever possible! Instead of getting an Uber or a taxi everywhere, walk. Yeah, it’s a new place and you might get lost, but that’s all part of the adventure. And, it’s the best way to explore!


The other way to travel for free is to hitchhike. Hitchhiking is a great way to cover massive distances at essentially no cost. The best way to get picked up hitchhiking is to make a sign. As well as in English, try and add your message in the local language.


Now, obviously, you won’t be able to walk everywhere, and hitchhiking won’t be a possibility in all areas. So, you’ll probably have to pay some money for transport at some stage of your trip.


When this happens to opt for the cheapest modes of transport available. Look to use the public trains and buses or just join the tours that Gomosafer provides, we are the best travel agency in Qatar for a reason!



Banks are truly the worst! But, unfortunately, at one point or another, you’re going to have to deal with them in some way on the road and knowing how to avoid the pesky fees they charge you when you’re abroad is a true pro backpacker skill to have in your toolkit.


First off, let’s talk exchange rates.


They change all the time and some countries have more favourable rates than others compared to your national currency.


And you’ll notice there are various places where you can exchange your money into the local currency. Avoid exchanging at airports! They offer the worst rates by far and We’ve had to find this out the hard way. Just don’t do it!


Now, on to the actual banking side of things.


Here’s a brief rundown of ways to avoid fees:

  • • Avoid ATM fees
  • Visit ATMs less frequently (maybe take more money out at a time)
  • Get a low-fee card
  • Talk to your bank
  • Don’t use ATMs in strange locations (convenient ATMs will often charge you for that convenience)
  • Get a no-overseas fee card to eliminate transaction fees
  • Choose local currency (when making a purchase with a card and given a choice as to which currency you’d like to be charged in)




Haggling is an essential skill to learn for any backpacker! Especially those who are backpacking on a budget.


In some places, you’ll be able to haggle for absolutely everything.

  • Gifts and souvenirs.
  • Transport and tours.
  • Other experiences.
  • Even accommodation.


In fact, in these places, if you don’t haggle, you’ll end up paying around five times more than what you should pay.


The key is to keep it friendly. Don’t be rude or ruthless, otherwise, you likely won’t be able to get a deal.



Finding a backpacking buddy to travel with can help with a lot of things.


Your spending power is double so accommodation becomes cheaper, taxis can be split and food (meals and groceries) can be shared.


You can try and convince a friend from back home to join you on your backpacking adventures or, if that fails, you can make backpacking buddies very easily by staying at popular backpacker hostels.


Now being the best travel agency in Qatar, does have its perks, so if you still can’t find any, walk into anytime you like to score a sweet deal on all your travel expenses.



One way to stretch your backpacking budget further is to actually earn some money while travelling.


We have met a ton of people who manage to travel indefinitely, through working seasonal jobs at ski resorts or on farms (popular in Australia and New Zealand) or have managed to find work at local hostels or bars.


If you want to travel long-term and make backpacking more of a lifestyle instead of a one-off trip, finding some work on the road is a great idea for you.


Becoming an English teacher is another great option if English is your first language. This is usually a well-paying gig and they’re particularly in demand in Asian countries



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