Qatar National Day 2018

Inspired by the past, to lead the future!

Embraced by the Persian Gulf, Qatar ‘s warmth of the sands extends to its hospitality as well!! Home to about 2.7 million people, today more than half of the population of Qatar constitutes of foreign nationals from all across the world and from all walks of life, thereby creating an atmosphere of inclusivity and an ambience of revel, inspired and infused by the various cultures, all of which contribute to the richness of life in a small state with major ambitions.



With the picturesque limestone outcrops to the west, its characteristic crescent sand dunes to the south and the cool waters of the ocean surrounding it in almost all directions, Qatar is the land of dreams turning into realities! Harbouring a progressive mindset, Qatar has showcased its adaptability and ability to amalgamate with various cultures while staying rooted to its history and traditions. It is here where the Old and the New coexist forging a balance of heritage, culture, traditions, modern lifestyle and architecture.


The National Day of Qatar aka the Founder’s Day, marks the unification of Qatar under one flag.  140 years down the road, Qatar has moved past its pearl diving-based economy and has entrenched itself on the path of progress and development. With an augmenting economy and a diverse portfolio of business investments, Qatar has become the land of opportunity and has come into its own on the world stage.


Among the many opportunities available, had realised the immediate need of an online travel portal to ease the process of holiday planning.  Qatari in spirit, we understood the core requirement of exemplary experiences that make memories of a lifetime!


Launched in 2010, Our services are tailored specifically to the demands of Qatar’s residents. intends to plan the perfect trip for your requirements. Whether you’re going on holiday, taking a business trip, or looking to set up a corporate travel account, we aim to help you travel and explore the world with cheap flights, discounted hotels and affordable tour packages.


To the land that gave us our wings, we thank you for all the support, love and opportunities you have provided us with!
To the people of Qatar, whether you were born here or lived here long enough to now have a Qatari heart or you have just arrived here, we are proud to be your choice of travel partners and thank you for bestowing your trust in us!


We are proud to represent a nation that signifies strength at the time of adversity, resilience at the time of hardships, morality and patience against unjust and unwarranted actions but most of all, unity at the time when the world had their eyes set upon us, critiquing and analysing our every step.


We are proud to be Qataris, proven by our deeds and free forever!!


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