GoMosafer’s Nomination For Amawaterways Giveaway

“Selfless service alone gives the needed strength and courage to awaken the sleeping humanity in one’s heart.”


GoMosafer would like to thank every single frontline professional for all of your tireless hard work. You are real heroes.


Thank you for placing others before yourself to fight on the frontlines while everybody else is safe at home. You are the reason why people have hope and still move on during these difficult times. Thank you for not giving up even when things got hard, stressful and pressuring. Fuelled by nothing more than caffeine, small snack breaks, and sheer determination to serve, words are not enough to show our appreciation to you!


As a gesture of our heartfelt appreciation for their selfless sacrifices, we are delighted to nominate an active frontline medical hero a complimentary Future Cruise Certificate to be used with one full-fare paying guest in association with AmaWaterways.


This certificate can be applied to any AmaWaterways river cruise in Europe or Asia through December 31,2021, and can be redeemed within 90 days prior to sailing date.



Who is Dr Jobin Rajan Benjamin?

With over 6 years of experience, this young physician is reputed among his patients for his highly personable and competent attitude. A team player in spirit, Dr Jobin has aced every aspect of patient care. His subtle approach puts the patient at ease and believes at the concept of preventive & holistic medical care. He has superior diagnostic skills along with excellent infectious disease treatment planning, complex medical disorders and rheumatological diseases.


He has been dedicating majority of his hours of the day to his patients during this pandemic and has been one of the vocal voices in spreading awareness of the preventive measures that should be taken in our fight against COVID-19.


We salute Dr Jobin for his selfless dedication and would like to nominate him for the Amawater giveaway!


Who Are AmaWaterways?

AmaWaterways is a river cruise company that offers European, Southeast Asian and Egyptian cruises. AmaWaterways was founded in 2002 and is owned and run by three families.


A river cruise on AmaWaterways is about more than just the destination-it ‘s the journey. We recommend taking one of their European river cruises, river cruises in Asia or river cruises in Africa and seeing the world in luxury and comfort.


AmaWaterways is a perfect way to explore a destination on the river throughout Europe. Explore local culture and sights on included tours, then get back on your luxury river cruise ship and sail to the next beautiful city or charming city. Quick excursions in any port of call included in their river cruises are included; all dining on board (including the restaurant of the Chef’s Table); great wines, beers and soft-drinks with lunch and dinner; Wi-Fi internet access and bikes to explore on one’s own or take part in their guided rides.

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