9 Creative Ways to Preserve Your Travel Memories

How do you keep your memories alive long after your dream trip has ended?

GoMosafer had travelled extensively for over 10 years now. Because we fly so much, we’ve got to be pretty picky about how many souvenirs we’re going to pick up.

The truth is, if we were to buy everything that caught our eyes on our journeys, we would need another garage to store everything. Honestly, we probably overtook it at the beginning of our journeys, as we still have boxes of souvenirs that we’ll probably never show. As a result, we’ve been pretty picky about the souvenirs we’re bringing home now.

So as the best travel agency in Qatar, we chalked up few ways that would help you collect your travel memories without paying excess luggage!


Send a postcard to yourself

Postcards are a classic way of preserving travel memories. The problem is that they are often very generic and boring.

But if you add a quirky memory associated with that post card, imagine the instant joy that you would get when you come home to receive that card!


Create a travel scrapbook

Now this may sound tedious, but honestly during our holiday packages from Qatar, we have seen some of the most creative scrapbooks that reflect the personalities of the travellers!


Get a travel memories map

There are a lot of travel memory maps available, and they look great once they’re packed and framed.

Some maps come with push pins, but most of them scratch off maps. The best ones come with a scratcher, memory stickers, a scratch eraser, and a magnifying strip.

Grab yourself one if you are one of those who have already been eyeing it on the social media platforms!


Create a memory box

A memory box (or shadowbox) is just a glass-enclosed storage box for viewing objects. You can even use a picture frame if you only have flat things to add to it.

Only add photos, airline tickets, and decorations, and you’re done! It becomes a cool decorative piece that always gathers attention when guests visit!


Collect a unique souvenir from wherever you travel

Since being the best travel agency in Qatar, we fly so often and we struggled to find souvenirs that would not take away our loved ones. There are a lot of things that make great memories, like refrigerator magnets, pebbles, stickers, shot glasses, and the like, but we decided on bringing home a paper map from wherever we go.

Even in the age of Google Maps, it’s easy to pick up a tourist map on paper at almost any hotel or airport. We’re just marking the places we’re visiting and making notes to make the maps more personal. The best part of it is that they take up almost no storage room.


Write a travel journal

We never regretted to keep a travel blog. It’s amazing the things that you’ve overlooked over time!

A travel journal doesn’t have to be on paper, emails to friends or family are perfect ways to keep your memories alive. If you want to write and take pictures, consider creating a travel blog!

And don’t forget to tag us when the blog is up!


Collect sand from everywhere you go

There’s something wonderful about being able to run your fingers through the sand that you walked into on a tropical beach.

There are a lot of ways to display the sand, from keeping it in the bottle, to adding it to the jewelry. You might even be creative about how you’d like to collect the sand!


Keep leftover money

We’ve managed to keep just a little bit of money left over from almost every country we’ve ever visited. Years later, we really love watching coins and bills.

If you’re crafty, you can also include some small bills and coins in the scrapbook or shadow box.



One of the best ways to bring back memories is through food and smell. We love to pick up local spices as we travel and take them home when we can. Cooking with them at a later date never fails to bring back good memories from our journeys, and if you can get typical mixtures that locals use, that’s even better! But this method is more applicable only if you have been on a culinary journey!


So those were some of the quirky ways we love preserving our memories as the best travel agency in Qatar. Comment Down below to add to this list and don’t forget to share this article with those who might be planning a getaway soon.

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